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Lady Pills


Lady Pills is a Boston-based garage rock trio taking inspiration from bands such as Pixies and the Raincoats. Since forming in October 2015, Lady Pills has appeared at festivals including Boston Calling and SXSW, and this years Lollapalooza. Lady Pills combines elements of loud, fuzz-filled rock and a raw, stripped-down sound with intimate and relatable lyrics.

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These Wild Plains


 If you closed your eyes and listened to These Wild Plains you would never, in a million years, expect this sound to come from a Boston band. And that's when you realize the songs, the music and the feeling are a gift - and you never, ever know when life will surprise you. The stage barely contains the country charisma or the rock and it barely makes a difference if you're ready or not.



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Wess Meets West


"Wess Meets West has atmosphere in droves: When they reach a layered, guitar-wailing, cymbal-crashing climax... They're epic tunes, moving through several passages and creating plenty of space-rocking drama."

- Brian LaRue, New Haven Advocate

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My Body

". . . the pair is well aware of their peers and is just Will Smithing the other MP3s you could be listening to instead." 

"Lush and sadly beautiful." 
- USA Today

"This band to watch will have you dreamily dancing and swooning." 


Dirty Bangs


A band called Dirty Bangs has been born in Massachusetts, created while being stretched across area codes and run rabid purely out of the soul-burning necessity for creativity.  Five gentlemen who create loud, soft, loud melodies of far-out pop sprinkled with do-wop, rock n’ roll, and dark days ingredients, bled from the pulses of old and new friends making a noise.  


Weakened Friends


"The band’s choruses are as big as their hearts and singing along seems less like an option and more of a primordial urge"

-The Le Sigh





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Blank Paper


Blending a diverse set of genres ranging from electronica to soul to rock, the band originated in New York City in 2012. Music like Kavinsky, Little Dragon, The Knife, and The Gorillaz inspire their sound, but the band’s originality and musicianship take Blank Paper to a new level of innovation within the pop context. A rarity in electronic synth-heavy music, their live show is strictly live, free of laptops and backing tracks.





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The Colonnade


Five relatively sad boys making jangly, indie-rock out of Boston, MA since the summer of 2014. Infectious hooks and dreamy, sparkling guitars collide with gritty, lo-fi, garage rock. These rebellious sounds of suburban melancholia give birth to songs fueled by youthful naivety, girls, New England nostalgia and a penchant for adolescence.



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Animal Talk


“Think Young the Giant meets Lenny Kravitz, and there you have the distinct sound that is Animal Talk. The EP’s opener, ‘Into The Sun,’ is a track that features fast-paced drum beats along with instrumental hooks that will leave anyone dancing for days…A standout track, ‘Can’t Dance With It,’ features smooth guitar riffs along with a touch of electronic beats…[Animal Talk] leaves listeners wanting more.”
- Performer Magazine


Annie Bacon


"Annie Bacon...creates a cinematic experience for listeners with haunting melodies and carefully orchestrated harmonies. Her sound varies as each track pulls from various influences, sometimes folk, sometimes indie-rock, but always fiercely emotional."

- Earmilk




Latrell James


"Latrell James is a Dorchester born rapper who has been making a significantly large imprint on Boston’s Hip Hop scene for some time now. Latrell has been making a lot of noise recently with features on the recent projects of Cousin Stizz, Khary, Ace Hashimoto & Max Wonders. "

-Allston Pudding


The Maxims

“a confident, sly stomper showing off a band years beyond their age…"


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Party Bois


"The new Boston band plies a brand of dance pop that touches on everything we mean when we talk about ’80s music: chintzy synth toms and handclap percussion, fluorescent keyboard effects, funk bass lines, and libidinous dance floor innuendo."

- The Boston Globe

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usLights music runs impassioned with dreamy, often cinematic overtones lighting the way. Acrobatic vocals sail their way through droves of washed out pads and piano, while cavernous guitars dive in and out of the playful, yet systematic rhythm section. Despite the short amount of time that the band has been together, usLights have built a sound all their own, with endless room to expand.




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I first put on the Cutouts track as background music while I went about my day. Hours later I found myself humming “you got a hold on me” the chorus of the melancholy backlit tune “Phone Sex.” Returning to it with actual attentiveness I floated through a dark haze of self imposed sterile darkness in bedroom that I’d shut all of the light out of. The track is a stellar debut from The Cutouts, a very new and very promising Brooklyn based band. - ALT CITIZEN



"Ed Balloon is not yet a pop star, but he might be soon. If anything, he’s well on his way to becoming an indie star in the weird, breakout lane of glam-pop that has been dominating 2017. If you’re drawn to the psycho-pop sparkle of a band like Deerhoof — then his sound, and underlying social, political, and personal commentary will strike a chord." - UPROXX



"Kwaku Sarpong Adu-Gyamfi (Born March 15, 1994), is a Ghanaian-American rapper, singer, song-writer, record producer, and dancer. At a young age, Kwaku, also known as Q, was inspired by the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. After falling in love with dance, he soon became a local sensation, performing at talent shows and competitions with his natural break dancing style. Eventually, his undying passion for music led him to teach himself how to sing, rap, and write."



The R&B influenced MC has a fierce poetic voice that speaks of love, social issues, and the setbacks she faces on a daily basis. - The Sound of Boston

Her heavy bassline trademark makes no apologies and runs riot throughout the entire set – but deeper, harder and twice more infectious than her previous releases. The seriously dope, head-rolling combination is topped of by the female emcee’s tighter-than-tight flow. Go further along this project and there a slight reggae fusion working its way through - New Lease Music




Their first single, melodic major-scale pop in the tradition of “Island in the Sun” Weezer, couldn’t get much more single-y. The song’s big lyrical surprise is that singer/guitarist Jack Holland wants a Cadillac not to blaze down the fast lane, or to “drive slow” in the “might be some hoes homey” sense, but rather to “sit in the back” and “feel safe and OK.” The song has the surefootedness of a group of musicians playing far from the limits of their technical ability. Some sunshine out of season–play it loud. - Spark & Fizz




Sam Gelston is a singer-songwriter in the Boston area. Experimentation and non-perfectionism are key to Sam, as can be heard through his unique voice and rough edge, which create dissonance.

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Sinnet Spooky-pants, indie-pop with bits of soul, fuzz and rhythm & blues. Featuring folks from: Fatal Flaw, Soft Pyramids, Mount Peru, Bellwire, and Karate.




Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan in an Indian family, Naashi was exposed to myriad cultural influences from a young age. This reflects in her eclectic taste. Her latest release is a an E.P. of Pop/R&B songs entitled "In Time": a way for listeners to catch a glimpse of the world through Naashi's eyes.



In a world of instant gratification and half-hearted lyrics, FLORIO drives home a deep sense of nostalgia and emotion through a fluttering of poignant hooks, neon synths, and raw honesty.