Our Work


Gratitude Sound’s custom music team will always make your story more memorable.

From our start in 2014, Gratitude Sound has been working with top quality professional composers. Since then we have developed a collaborative group of musicians with talent and experience.     

  • Bands and composers. 

  • Producers and hired guns.

  • Students and touring musicians.

  • Teachers and moonlighters

  • Rockers and Rappers.

  • Drummers and singers.

  • Parents and children

  • Women and Men

  • Red Sox fans and Yankees fans

Some of us have traveled the world to perform and others have perfected their craft from behind the scenes. Along with all the proven professionals, we also provide opportunities to new and fresh artists with innovative perspectives. When it comes to music we have found that everyone has a sweet spot. Gratitude Sound will be sure that the story your telling is not only heard, but appreciated. In turn that generates engagement and ROI.